Labor Consultancy

This department will be in charge of offering solutions to all needs deriving from the socio-labor area of the company. The staff of professional specialists (that counts with qualified specialists in labor matters and labor lawyers) with a wide experience, offer services in the areas of Administrative, Legal, Consultancy and Socio-labor Inside Audits.

More specifically, and just to give an example, we offer the following services:


  • Analysis of the situation of the company (Collective Agreements, Salaries, Social Security quotes, Bonuses, Costs).
  • Analysis and framing of the administrators, partners and owners of the business, as well as of their relatives, in the Social Security system.
  • Advice and elaboration of all kind of Agreements: employees, directors, among others, analyzing the most convenient options for the client.
  • Elaboration of salaries and social insurances. Elaboration of monthly, annual and daily budgets and résumés.
  • Fulfillment of all kind of administrative obligations in public organisms (National Employment Institute INEM, General Treasury of the Social Security, Labor General Inspection, Labor Departament).
  • Advice and elaboration of monthly, quarterly and annual tax declarations (forms 110, 190, 216, 296 and 145, Payments and Deductions Certificates).
  • Global advice in disciplinary matters and terminations of agreements (Disciplinary and grounded dismissals, sanctions and collective dismissals, among other).
  • Restructuring plans for companies: management of all kind of situations in this context such as collective negotiations, collective deposits, collective dismissals. We offer a study of both the economic and labor aspects elaborated by our specialists in these areas.
  • Consultancy on the adjusting systems of the working conditions, collective agreements and company agreements.
  • Inside socio-labor audits. Most of the companies with a department of labor and human resources need to audit its management with the aim of foreseeing risks, contingencies, responsibilities, management errors or procedures. In a context of mergers and acquisitions of companies an inside labor audit is highly recommended.
  • Fulfillment of all kind of compensations process from different bodies of the Social Security (Retirement, permanent disability, etc.).
  • Consultancy in areas of prevention of labor risks.
  • Consultancy and fulfillment of process in immigration matters.
  • Defense in case of work inspections, labor procedures, intermediation organisms and collective conflicts among other.





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