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In case of urgency, there is the so-called “SL Express” which may be created in 3-4 days and has a reduced cost if certain requirements are fulfilled, such as a stock capital below 3,100€, partners individuals, joint and several or sole directors (not a board), standard bylaws, financial year from 1st January to 31st December, syndicated stakes, ... another advantage is that it is a very low-priced SL in comparison to the standard one. Otherwise, a company may be incorporated in about 3 weeks.

Currently after the February 2012 labor reform, any indefinite contract that is formalized may be formalized. have a trial period of one year if the company has less than 50 workers and certain requirements are met but the courts are still debating the constitutionality of the rule, so you have to be careful.

Currently, compensation for disciplinary dismissal is calculated at 33 days per year worked and a maximum of 24 monthly instalments, instead of the formerly 45 days with a maximum of 42 monthly instalments. However, for workers rendering services in the company for a long time, the compensation will be calculated at such 45 days up to the day of the labour reform of 12 February 2012.

The February 2012 labor reform has greatly facilitated the possibility for each company to create its own agreement, setting working conditions different from those established by the sector agreement, provided that it exists in the company representing the workers and agrees to it. Likewise, companies can withdraw from the collective agreement (or stop applying it until the new agreement is released) proving situations of short-term crisis, and for this it is not necessary that there is a worker representative in the company as a negotiating committee can be created between the workers that the company has for said procedure only.

Work force adjustment plans due to their flexibility and alternatives have become a useful tool to overcome negative contexts and adapt the productive structure of the company to the business or market needs (suspending contracts or reducing workdays). In these cases, workers may reconcile the collection of the unemployment benefits and the provision of the work. Presently, the most important development is that in a suspension ERE, as in a dismissal ERE, no administrative authorization of the Generalitat is required, so that they are much more speedy processes.

The labour reform of February 2012 has eliminated the back pays only for the case of unfair dismissal in which the employer may opt for termination of contract, but they have not disappeared in the case the employer may opt for the re-admission or if the dismissal is declared null and void.

Currently, legal regulations do not allow the employer to recognise the dismissal as unfair and it is not possible to deposit the compensation in the courts if the worker refuses it. Now, more than ever, the dismissal must have a cause and be submitted as fair and, if applicable, it may be agreed in administrative or court conciliation.

In order to properly assess a tobacco vending business, different relevant parameters must be taken into consideration, such as business performance, type of sale, type of clientele , the ownership or occupation regime of the property in which the business is operated and the working conditions of the personnel linked to it.

Indeed, within the concession term (25 years), the Tobacco Outlets can be transferred to any natural person who meets the requirements to be the holder of an Administrative Concession of Outlets. of Tobacco, having to request authorization for the transmission of the same before the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

One of the fundamental requirements to be able to transmit the Store for any living title (sale or donation), is that the seller of the Store must have; have been the owner of it for a minimum of five years, except in cases of supervening disability, in such cases it will not be compliance with this condition is mandatory.

All natural persons, of legal age, nationals of any member state of the European Union and with the capacity to exercise trade, who do not are holders of another outlet, or authorization to sell with a surcharge, that they undertake to manage on their own. The outlet itself (without prejudice to the help that dependents may provide) and that resides in a town whose distance from the place where it is located. located the outlet does not prevent its owner from managing the same business.



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