Dismissal Programs and Creditor’s Meetings

Gabinete Asesor Fernandez, S.L. advices and offers clients solutions to overcome company crisis and also to prevent them.

Our team of professionals of the areas of Labor, Tax and Legal Consultancy act together to draw a viability analysis of the company to offer a global vision and then propose the right tools for each situation.

Some of the actions that should be made when facing a crisis require the coordination of different specialists. Such actions can go from the elaboration of premature diagnosis of the company that is experimenting difficulties, to the adoption of inhibitors and restorative mechanisms, to the sanitation of the problems that have arisen, to the introduction of more or less drastic changes in the company and, finally, if necessary, the organized liquidation of the company, including limiting the responsibility of the administrators.

The Dismissal Programs, thanks to its flexibility and alternatives, have become a useful tool to overcome negative contexts and adapt the productive structure of the company to the necessities of the business or the market (such as the suspension or extinction of agreements, and the reduction of the working hours).

In different situation of crisis, a Creditor’s Meeting, of a natural or legal person, might be the right tool in case of insolvency and with the aim of reaching a reduction or deferment of the debts (including bankruptcy and cease of payment).

More specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Advice previous to the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Preparation of the Creditor’s Agreement.
  • Dismissal Programs in Bankrupcy Proceedings.
  • Defense of the responsibility of the Administrators.
  • Advice during the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Defense of the rights of the company.
  • Creditor’s Meeting of natural person (families).
  • Viability plans, adoption of measures and sanitation of the company undergoing difficulties.
  • Measures to refloat the company.
  • Restructure of the staff.
  • Collective Dismissal Programs, suspension of agreement, reduction of working hours or dismissal.
  • Re-financing or re-organization of the debt.
  • Measures for the improvement of the productivity, liquidity, working atmosphere, service quality and competitiveness.
  • Our service can also cover the defense of the creditors affected by a bankruptcy procedure.





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